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The Witebsky Center

The Witebsky Center
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The Witebsky Center The Witebsky Center
Collaborative Grants
WCMPI Faculty Collaborative
Research Funding
PI Co-PI Title Funding Source Total Direct Costs
Crane Davidson Enhancing Host Intestinal Defenses against Enteropathogenic and Shiga toxigenic NIH $271,092
Gulick Russo Identification of New Drug Targets in Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Infection DOD $1,744,854
Knight Russo Pathogenesis of Aspiration Pneumonitis NIH $1,250,000
Knight Hakansson, Russo Anesthesiology Research Training Program NIH $836,600
Ruhl Hakansson Microbial Recognition of Sialic Acid Diversity in the Salivary Proteome NIH $1,250,000