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The Witebsky Center The Witebsky Center
Research Collaboration
One major goal of the WCMPI is the continued development of productive collaborations among Center members. The following are the current collaborative projects within the Center membership:
  • Richard Bankert & Thomas Melendy Screening for HPV in nasal polyp tissues
  • Anthony Campagnari & Thomas Russo Analyzing the role of A. baumannii surface polysaccharides in virulence
  • Terry D. Connell & Anders Hakansson To evaluate the adjuvant effects of type II heat-labile enter toxins in a mouse model of Streptococcal infection
  • Nejat Egilmez & Thomas Russo Use of slow-release adjuvant formulations of IL-12 and antigen for vaccination against extra-intestinal E. coli
  • Nejat Egilmez & Amy Jacobs Oral therapeutics for treatment of HIV
  • Nejat Egilmez & Michael Russell Use of slow-release cytokine and antibody formulations to modulate immunity to G. niceria
  • Anders Hakansson & Terry D. Connell Protective effect of immunization with pneumococcal surface protein A using labile toxins as adjuvants
  • Anders Hakansson & Stephan Ruhl Investigation of carbohydrate binding properties of Streptococci
  • Anders Hakansson & Timothy Murphy Adherence and internalization of Haemophilus influenzae into respiratory epithelial cells and the role of IgA proteases.
  • Anders Hakansson & Andy Gulick Structural studies of pneumococcal enzyme DLDH and its ligands and the milk protein complex HAMLET.
  • Amy Jacobs & John Panepinto The effect of Cryptococcus neoformans Capsule on HIV entry
  • Paul Knight & Anders Hakansson Influenza and secondary bacterial pneumonia; pathogenesis of aspiration pneumonitis
  • Paul Knight & Thomas Russo Influenza and secondary bacterial pneumonia; pathogenesis of aspiration pneumonitis
  • Michael Russell & Terry D. Connell Evaluating adjuvant activities and mechanisms of enterobacterial heat-labile enterotoxins including cholera toxin and E. coli type II enterotoxins
  • Stefan Ruhl & Anders Hakansson Determination of sialic acid binding of Streptococcus pneumonia
  • Noreen Williams & Laurie Read Role of arginine methylation in the function a novel trypanosome RNA binding protein.