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   Welcome to the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences chapter of SNMA. This is an exciting time for technology, health, and society in general. It is also a great time for those of us entering the medical field. What we have attempted to do for you is provide a flavor for how some of the changes taking place are affecting us.

     This university chapter strives, as much as possible, to provide an environment where peers, university faculty, and the community at large can speak to us comfortably. For many people, their upbringing and surroundings do not allow any significant interaction with the rich array of different interests, cultures, and ideas that exists in our communities today.

    Through annual events like the Community Health Fair, Hispanic Heritage Month, Taste of Culture, and Black History Month, we reach out to the medical and social community to touch base with each other, and share some common ground. Of equal importance to us, the surrounding community benefits from our many collaborations, both with other student groups, and neighborhood individuals or agencies. These efforts are undertaken as part of our commitment to the community we live in.

We invite you to step inside our site, and see why being a minority need not mean being a minor player.

Wishing you the best of everything,

The UB-SMBS chapter

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  1. Community Service protocols

    Community service is at the heart and soul of the SNMA. The seventeen medical chapters of Region IX particularly pride themselves in providing culturally sensitive and community-oriented service projects. We also try to consistently fulfill the following national protocols:

    •  Health Fairs:

      The SNMA conducts health fairs throughout the nation educating under-served communities about their health and the importance of healthy living. The health fairs also allow members of the community to be screened for common health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

    • Health Professional Recruitment & Enrichment Program (HPREP):

      Further along the educational pipeline, SNMA's HPREP program continues to expose high school students to science related activities. HPREP also teaches students about specific career fields and the steps needed to become a physician or other health care provider.

    • Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS): 

    SNMA's MAPS program offers guidance for undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in medicine. Undergraduates are provided with information on how to choose a curriculum and how to excel academically. In addition, SNMA members work with undergraduates advising them about the medical school application process and the medical school admissions test. More importantly, SNMA members serve as mentors to undergraduate students helping them successfully matriculate into medical school. Visit their website at

    • Sexual Health Awareness:

    The SNMA's Sexual Health Awareness program educates teenagers about their bodies and the positive expression of sexuality. Since sexual activity among teens is often the consequence of poor self-esteem, this program first and foremost works to improve self-esteem and self-worth among its participants. The program also works to improve relationships, reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy, and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

    • Smoking Cessation
    • Tissue and Organ Donation Education and Recruitment (TODER)

      The United States is currently experiencing a shortage of organ donors especially among minority populations. SNMA's TODER program educates minority communities about organ donation and encourages people to enroll in organ and tissue donation programs.

    • Violence Prevention Curriculum:

      Violence has become one of the leading social problems in the United States. The SNMA Violence Prevention Curriculum targets adolescents helping them to acknowledge anger as a natural emotion. SNMA members work with youth teaching them alternative non-violent ways of expressing this natural emotion. Students are also taught conflict resolution skills that help produce non-violent outcomes.

    • Youth Science Enrichment Program (YSEP):

      The SNMA's earliest intervention program, YSEP, aims to expose youth to the fields of medicine and technology. SNMA members design science related projects and activities as well as serve as mentors and role models. By reaching youth at such an early age, the SNMA helps cultivate a lifelong interest in learning and achievement.