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The Department of Physiology and Biophysics has as its goal the study of normal and abnormal protein function within membranes and cells, normal and abnormal function of cells, organs and intact animals and humans using state-of-the-art biophysical, computational, genomic, proteomic and physiological techniques. We have particular strengths in the areas of ion channels, skeletal muscle physiology, epithelial cell biology, neurophysiology, vision, environmental and cardiorespiratory physiology. Within the department we have faculty that actively participate in Three interdisciplinary centers.

The Physiology and Biophysics Department at UB offers extensive educational programs in Physiology and Biophysics at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels. This provides students with academic flexibility in designing their graduate studies. Please visit the Education and Training section of our site for more details.

The department is proud to be the host of three endowed lectureships, The Michael and Ada Anbar Annual Lecture in the Biophysical Sciences, The Suk-Ki Hong Memorial Lecture, and the Hermann Rahn Memorial Lecture. Generous endowments set up by the respective families have allowed the department to invite world renowned physiologists and biophysicists to spend time with our faculty, students, and fellows, and to give two seminars each during their stay.

Previous and future speakers:

The Michael and Ada Anbar Lecture
The Suk-Ki Hong Memorial Lecture
The Hermann Rahn Memorial Lecture

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Dr. Perry Hogan

Director of Graduate Studies, Physiology
Dr. Michael Duffey

Director of Graduate Studies, Biophysics
Dr. Malcolm Slaughter

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Physiology
Dr. Susan Udin