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About The Lab


The Histology Service Laboratory is a full-service research histology lab, located in the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences. Since 1980, the Histopathology lab has served the University and Western New York as a full service histology lab available to students, faculty, researchers, and clinicians. We commonly meet with individuals in need of histology services to coordinate research, teaching or clinical work. Most work is set up on an individual basis to accommodate the needs of our clients. We are available to teach, train, consult, advise, collaborate and provide technical support in any way requested.


The laboratory is under the direction of Peter Nickerson, Ph.D. The laboratory is supervised and managed by Annette Featherstone, NYS Clinical Laboratory Technologist, NYS Certified Histological Technician, and HT ASCP. The lab also employs one laboratory technician, HT ASCP, and student assistant laboratory aides.

The Histology lab is located on the UB South Campus, room 218 Farber. The laboratory is equipped to process tissue for paraffin embedding, section paraffin blocks, and make available a wide variety of routine and special stains. Our facility also has two cryostats for sectioning frozen tissue specimens to facilitate rapid diagnosis, lipid and enzyme demonstration, some immunohistochemical techniques or immunofluorescence work. We also have a JB-4 microtome for cutting methacrylate embedded tissues, but do not currently provide services with this piece of equipment.