OME Professional Faculty

Alan J. Lesse Alan J. Lesse, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum;
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Education
David Milling David Milling, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs
Andrea T. Manyon Andrea T. Manyon, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Charles M. Severin Charles M. Severin, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Education and Admissions
Daniel Sheehan Daniel Sheehan, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum
Lisa Jane Jacobsen Lisa Jane Jacobsen, , MD, MPH, MSHPEd
Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum
Frank T. Schimpfhauser Frank T. Schimpfhauser, PhD
Associate Dean for Educational Evaluation and Research
James J. Rosso James J. Rosso
Admissions Counselor
Stacey Gangloff Stacey Gangloff, MS
Student Services Coordinator
Karen H. Zinnerstrom Karen H. Zinnerstrom, PhD
Training Program Coordinator
Jaafar Angevin Jaafar Angevin,
Post-Baccalaureate Coordinator
Responsible for: Post-Baccalaureate Program
Renee Mapp Renee Mapp, M.Ed.
Science and Technology Entry Program Coordinator
Responsible for: Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

Administrative Support Staff

Sharon B. Bowman Sharon B. Bowman,
Responsible for: Post- Baccalaureate Program, STEP
Sharyl Budzilo Sharyl Budzilo,
Donna Harber Donna Harber,
Administrative Assistant for Medical Curriculum
Responsible for: Curriculum, Support for Years 1 & 2
Donna Lariviere Donna Lariviere,
Responsible for: Admissions
Philippa Radzawich Philippa Radzawich,
Responsible for: Student Registration, Scheduling Transcripts, Emergency Loan Administration, ERAS
Mary Schaus Mary Schaus,
Sudent Services Support
Kimberly S. Zosh Kimberly S. Zosh,
Responsible for: Affiliation Agreements, Medical student transcripts, Letters of Good Standing Verification and licensures of medical alumni

Contact Info

Office of Medical Education
40 Biomedical Education Building
3435 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14214

P: (716) 829-2802
F: (716) 829-2798

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