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Division of Nephrology
Clinical and Laboratory Research

Following are the major research efforts being carried out in the division:

Clinical Research:

  • The Role of CMV Infections in the Post-Transplant Patient - Brian M. Murray, M.D., Principal Investigator, Rocco C. Venuto, M.D. Co-Investigator

  • The Adequacy of Peritoneal Dialysis - Jennie Hom, M.D., Principal Investigator

  • Clinical Effectiveness of Various Antihypertensive Drug Regimes - James Lohr, M.D., Principal Investigator

  • Alterations of Methylprednisalone Metabolism Following Renal Transplant - Kathleen Tornatore, Pharm D., Principal Investigator, Rocco Venuto, M.D., Co-Investigator

Laboratory Research

  • Cell Wall Transporters and Transport Mechanism Laboratory - Mohsen Lachaal, M.D., Principal Investigator

  • Cell Culture and Mononuclear Cell Function Laboratory - Basab Mookerjee, M.D., Principal Investigator

  • Regulation of Renal Growth and Hypertrophy - Brian Lohr, M.D., Principal Investigator

  • Cell Volume Regulation Laboratory - James Lohr, M.D.

  • The Control of Systemic Blood Pressure in Regional Hemodynamics During Pregnancy - Rocco Venuto, M.D., Gail P Brown, Ph.D. and Gyorgy Losonczy, M.D., Ph.D.

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