Center for Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

Members of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine are actively involved in scientific investigation funded through NIH, the VA, medical foundations and industry. Our faculty has led major multicenter clinical trials as well as single center patient-oriented investigation. Our preclinical research focuses on investigation in chronic adaptations of the heart to ischemia, heart failure, angiogenesis and sudden cardiac death. We use the tools of molecular imaging and high-throughput molecular biology to understand basic mechanisms of pathophysiology. Working at the translational interface, a central objective of our research program is to develop novel approaches to improve heart function using therapeutic interventions (e.g., in vivo gene transfer and cell based therapy) that can ultimately be used to treat patients with heart disease. Our new research facilities in the UB CTRC include areas dedicated to patient evaluation and follow-up for clinical trials, advanced clinical cardiovascular imaging such as PET/CT and state-of-the-art laboratories for preclinical investigation. These research facilities are three floors above the new GHVI which will be our major site for providing cardiovascular clinical care.