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Fiscal Agents of University at Buffalo

There are two organizations which act as fiscal agents for the University.

The Research Foundation of State University of New York (RF). RF is a private, non-profit, educational corporation that must be used to administer projects sponsored by agencies of the Federal, New York State, or foreign governments.

UB Foundation Services, Inc. (UBFS). UBFS is a non-profit corporation organized to promote knowledge and education. Acting under contract with, and as an agent of, the Research Foundation of SUNY, UBFS is the preferred fiscal agent for all projects sponsored by local government agencies and the private sector, (i.e. foundations, corporations, private health organizations, etc.)

The complete corporate names, addresses, and phone numbers of these organizations are:

The Research Foundation of SUNY
on behalf of University at Buffalo
UB Foundation Services, Inc.

Suite 211, The UB Commons
520 Lee Entrance
New York 14228-2567
(716) 645-2977

P.O. Box 900
Buffalo, New York 14226-0900
(716) 645-3013

Authorized Officials:

All sponsored program proposals require the signature of a person authorized by the fiscal agent to certify that the proposal is an approved submission and that all of the sponsor's grants management requirements will be met in the event an award is made. While referred to by various agencies as Authorized Organizational Representative, the Official Signing for the Applicant Organization, the Administrative Representative Authorized to Conduct Negotiation, etc., that person is the appropriate Grant and Contract Administrator.

Only the Vice President for Research or the Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs can sign documents which legally bind the Research Foundation. The Executive Director signs documents that bind UBFS.

Business Office:

Research Foundation
The "Official in the business office to be notified if an award is made," is:

Dr. Charles Kaars
Asst. V.P. for Sponsored Programs
Suite 211, The UB Commons
520 Lee Entrance
Amherst, New York 14228-2567
(716) 645-2977, ext. 101
(716) 645-3730 (fax)

Fiscal Officer
The "Official of the grantee institution authorized to sign financial reports and supervise financial administration of the grant," is:

Donna L. Scuto
Director, Grants and Contracts
402 Crofts Hall
Amherst, New York 14260-7030
(716) 645-5000 ext. 1074
(716) 645-2760 (fax)

Financial Officers:

The financial officers of the University's fiscal agents are:
Research Foundation

Ms. Bonny Boice
Treasurer and Vice President, Finance
The Research Foundation of SUNY
P.O. Box 9
Albany, New York 12201-0009
(518) 434-7050

UB Foundation Services, Inc.

Mr. Edward P. Schneider
Executive Director
UB Foundation Services, Inc.
P.O.Box 900
Buffalo, New York 14226-0900
(716) 645-3011
(716) 645-3475 (fax)