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Educational Tools to Aid Your Understanding

bullet REVIEW

Review pathways with this tutorial (created by Justin Van Klein, class of 2012) that sequentially steps through each slide while highlighting the relevant structure for a pathway and displaying its name and level. Pathways include: tactile sensation, pain and temp, trigeminal, auditory, pupillary constriction, and lateral conjugate gaze. The tutorial also contains practice questions.


Test yourself on slide structures for Exams 1 and 2 with this tutorial (created by Tim Lai, class of 2012), which presents each cross section slide and asks you to name structures.


Compare individual pathways and their positions in cross-sections in this tutorial.


Learn how to draw brainstem sections by running this Powerpoint show.

pic Nerve Cell Tutorials
   Review the components and properties of neurons.

Nerve Cell Components (interactive- requires Flash)

pic Blood Vessels Tutorials
   Review the blood supply to hemispheres, brainstem, spinal cord.

Blood Vessels (requires Flash)


pic Gross Brain See-Through Pictures (require Flash)
   DRAG the circle in the pictures to look around!

Corpus Callosum
Association Fibers
Hippocampus- Lateral view
Hippocampus- Dorsal view

picThe Ventricular System (require Flash)
   Use the cursor to find the structures,
   then click them to display information.

Subarachnoid Cisterns
Ventricles - this also contains an animation controlled by play and stop buttons.

picAnimations (require Flash)
   Watch physiological processes in action

Hypothalamus-Pituitary - understand how the Hypothalamus influences the Pituitary.
Synaptic Transmission - use the Play and Stop buttons to see how synapses work.
Accommodation - watch the effect of the ciliary body on lens shape in the eye by moving the slider.

picRotate the Gross Brain

Rotating Brain - Use your mouse to get a 360 degree view of a human brain