GME | Office of Graduate Medical Education

Training Resources


GME provides a network of educational resources that introduce the core competencies during Incoming Resident Week. Support of program staff, resident leaders and faculty is enlisted to collate and publish information resources, a clinical procedure webpage, curriculum and assessment tools and web-based learning modules. Curriculum support, educational consulting, resident career planning, and resident support services are available through the GME Office.

Information & Technology Resources

Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Tools

Curriculum Support

Well- structured resident education is built on a robust curriculum that addresses six core physician competencies in each specialty program. GME staff can assist programs with reviewing goals, objectives, learning activities, and assessment tools. Program leaders are encouraged to contact GME with questions.


Educational Consulting

GME staff is available to consult with programs and faculty regarding assessment, the curricular planning cycle, writing clear educational objectives, and creating effective presentations.

Resident Career Planning

Resident Support Services

  • UB Human Resources
    Learning & Development website offers online series of classes promoting wellness, work-life balance, productivity, and computer software.
  • Physician Impairment
    The Committee for Physician Health (CPH) of the Medical Society of the State of New York provides non-disciplinary, confidential assistance to physicians, residents, medical students, and physician's assistants experiencing problems from stress and difficult adjustment, emotional, substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders, including psychiatric problems that may arise as a result of medical illness. CPH provides support and referrals, recommends evaluation and treatment, monitors for progress in recovery, and provides advocacy and education. 800-338-1833

Web-Based Learning