Toxicology Research Center

The Toxicology Research Center (TRC) was established in 1985 as one of the original multidisciplinary Centers of Excellence at the University at Buffalo.

The Center's mission is:

  1. Facilitate multidisciplinary basic and applied research;
  2. Provide a wide range of occupational and environmental health and safety training and educational programs;
  3. Serve as a technical resource for the industry, government, community agencies, associations, public and universities of the Western New York area.
  4. Houses the Atlantic OSHA Training Center

The TRC supports the efforts of university scientists from pharmacology, toxicology, medicine, biology, microbiology, chemistry, geology, engineering, clinical laboratory silences and social and preventive medicine.

Contact Information

Toxicology Research Center & Atlantic OSHA Training Center
University at Buffalo
Cary 15
3435 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14214
Tel. (716) 829-2125
Fax (716) 829-2806